About Us

Astrid Meffert: Founder and Director

Astrid and her husband, Rainer, are both committed to helping seniors transition in the aging process with dignity and as much needed care as possible. For several years, they owned a wellness center in Germany that specialized in senior exercise and activities, promoting a healthy lifestyle to prevent common aging health issues. Astrid was also instrumental in their community by helping plan and coordinate Special Olympic events in their area. Both Astrid and Reiner have cared for their own aging parents as well. After moving to the US in 2007 with their three boys, they realized how much they missed that involvement in their lives. Astrid opened Sweet Home California in 2011 and loves every moment of it!

Our Caregivers:

We take pride in carefully selecting the right caregivers that fit our team here at Sweet Home California. We have both male and female caregivers on staff in areas throughout San Luis Obispo County and Santa Maria.
After the initial assessment, we aim to match a client’s needs with the caregiver that best suits them. This results in a long, productive, partnership for everyone. Please click on the Caregivers tab to read more about our hiring and training process!